Finishing as effectively as you start

None of the ingenuity of the design or the efficiency of the production matters if you don’t get the finishing stage right. From quality control to packaging and logistics, it’s about painstaking attention to every detail.

Quality control

After routinely ensuring that all critical quality requirements and key performance indicators are met throughout the design and productions stages, we laboratory-grade test the finished items to validate they comply not only with your exact specifications but strict industry standards as well.


So your products are as readily identifiable as possible, whether in transit (e.g. shipping and product information labels), distribution warehouses (e.g. barcode, serial number stickers), or on retail shelves (e.g. head cards), we design and produce all of our custom packaging with the greatest of care.


From macro-organizing transportation from our network of factories in China to micro-
organizing the content of your shipping containers, we handle all of the logistics of your on-time deliveries to keep your products moving fluidly from our plants to your customers.

Curious about
our products ?

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