For many reasons, all to your benefit. Here they are:

Your technical requirements come first
Firms doing business with Créations Morin require made-to-order covers or textile bags and accessories that meet specific constraints. That is why our development and engineering department is always looking for alternative and innovative solutions to not only come up with suitable products, but also to anticipate and exceed customer requirements.

Unrivaled speed and production capacity
Création Morin offers a dual-track production system to help customers meet tight delivery schedules. Our Canadian plant specializes in very small-scale manufacturing, accommodating orders as small as 25 units. We can also produce non-standard or complex elements that need to be specially configured or manufactured within a VERY SHORT time frame.

Regular orders for quality products requiring large-scale manufacturing are sent to our fifteen-factory Asian network, where production is controlled and monitored by highly skilled personnel.

Very competitive rates
Our network also enables us to offer quality products at very competitive rates, with a MINIMUM 25% savings.

ISO 9001: 2008 Certification
Please note that our North American plant is ISO 9001:2008 certified, a recognized standard ensuring production quality and consistency.

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